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wlan link wlan link

This figure shows a typical signature range setup.
wlan link

2.4 GHz WLAN link

This telemetry link operates on the standard 2.4GHz WiFi band and is used for wireless data transfer between locations separated by long distances.

The link has been tested for distances up to 5km and bandwidths up to 7Mbit/s.

The link was originally designed for sensor data transfer at signature measurement of marine vessels, but may be used for a number of different tasks were wireless data transmission with high bandwidth is required.

The link is ideal when it comes to interface different types of sensors remotely placed at sea or on land.

The WLAN link uses a number of transparent TCP tunnels to transfer data. Several TCP tunnels may be started enabling interfacing of multiple sensors or other data providers. Standard TCP client-server technology is used which makes interfacing on the receiving side easy. The TCP tunnels also allow for transmission of setup data and other commands to the sensors.

Sensors and other data providers may be interfaced using either asynchronous serial or UDP protocols.

It is also possible to time stamp data very accurately by connecting a GPS on the sensor side of the link. The GPS needs a PPS output for this to work, but such GPS:es have become fairly cheep and may be provided on request.

The link supports data encryption. Internal data buffering prohibits data loss in case of a temporarily failing link.

Different types of antennas may be chosen depending on the application. Both omni-directional antennas and antennas with directivity may be used.

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