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hydrophone h-20
pinger p-10

Hydrophone H-20

H-20 is a low to medium frequency hydrophone with built in preamplifier and variable gain. It has excellent noise characteristics and a built in offset compensation circuit, which blocks DC voltage buildup without the use of low pass filters with long time constants.

A built in balanced driver permits the use of long cables.

Use it as a stand alone hydrophone or as a component in larger arrays.

H-20 Brief Technical Data
Bandwidth 20Hz - 10kHz
Nominal receiving sensitivity -200dB
Fixed (preamplifier) gain 25.6dB
Variable gain 10 - 50dB
Fixed gain, balanced driver 6dB
Noise level Corresponding to SeaState 0
Power supply ±5 - ±24V, 35mA
Gain control voltage ±5V
Housing Bronze
Dimensions L x D = 167 x 45mm
Weight 920g

Pinger P-10, a miniature pinger

P-10xx pingers are used as underwater markers similar to radar beacons.

The pinger can be placed on fishing gear, military exercise objects, and other high cost equipment used at sea. If the equipment is lost it can be located with the pinger locator described below. Pingers can also be used as a markers for underwater locations that needs to be relocated easily.

P-10 starts transmitting when it gets in contact with seawater.

The transmission scheme is controlled by software, and the pinger can be set to transmit for a week at low ping rate, or for 1-2 days at high ping rate ,depending on the application.

The pinger operates at 59kHz, with a source level of 155dB.

P-10R, rechargeable
The rechargeable version is fitted with with standard NiMh cells. It is used as a stand alone pinger to mark items which are regularly used under water.

P-10EP, external power
This version is supplied with external 5-24V power under normal operation. The pinger will continue to operate even when external power is lost by means of one standard (non chargeable) AA battery. P-10EP can be used on for example ROV:s, AUV:s and side scan sonars.

P-10AA, stand alone This compact low cost version uses one standard (non chargeable) AA battery. It is intended for equipment not normally immersed in water.

Pinger locator
The pinger locator consists of a directional hydrophone and a receiver unit with headset. The high frequency signal received by the hydrophone is converted to be audible by a human. The transmitted signals used makes it easy to distinguish the pinger from naturally occurring sounds in water. The direction to the pinger is determined with the pinger locator.

Typical detection ranges varies between 500m and 3km, depending on water depth, type of bottom, and the sound velocity profile in the water.

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