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periscope simulator

Hardware features:

• Zoom factor adjustment
• Range measurement
• Bearing visualization
• Side angle measurement
• LED displays for range and bearing
• Easy eye space adjustment
• Adjustment for individuals of various length
• Zero bearing adjustment
• Rugged and robust
• Easy to integrate


Software features:

• Real time rendering of water surface

Surface reflections
Adjustable wind speed and direction
Adjustable wave height
Dynamic interaction vessel - water

• Under water rendering

• Highly detailed 3d-models

Vessels / Ships
... and many other structures

• Geo-referenced terrain models

Elevatation / Bathymetry
Draping with high resolution satellite images

• Different weather conditions

Selectable lighting conditions - day/night/dusk/dawn
Selectable sky types
Different sea states
Fog, Rain, Snow

• Game control manager

Generates vessel movement in 6 degrees of freedom
Handles multiple vessels
Easy vessel track generation in georeferenced sea chart

• Fully integrated with PSim 01 hardware

Brief Technical Data
Dimensions (housing) 500x900x400mm
Weight (housing) 50kg
Weight (total) 100kg
Height 2200-2600mm
Height to binoculars


Display 2 alfanumeric led displays
Monitor VGA
Resolution 1024x768px
Size 8.4"
Binoculars Carl Zeiss 4x32
Eye spacing adjustment 58-69mm
Data Serial RS232
Graphics Standard VGA
Zoom x1.5, x6, x12
Elevation -10 to +60deg
Stadimetric measurement On / off / zero
Stadimetric angle 0-140mRad
(appr. 0-8deg)
Side angle measurement  
Periscope Up / down
Display brightness adjustment  
Operator height adjustment 300mm

Periscope Simulator, PSim 01

PSim 01 is a periscope simulator ideal for integration in submarine training platforms.

It is built with the purpose to look and feel like a real periscope with all external controls available and easily handled.

PSim 01 is used together with a standard PC computer to simulate the function of a real periscope.

Sensors in PSim 01 detects the operators actions and this information is sent to the computer.

The computer generates an image based upon sensor information.
This image is presented on a screen in PSim 01 and is viewed by the operator through the optics.

The computer software renders a high quality scene with dynamic water, terrain, various vessels and other objects.
Different weather conditions and times of day are also simulated.

The game control manager software simulates vessel movement in 6 degrees of freedom for each vessel. The training officer can easily define and start new scenarios.

PSim 01 is currently in use at the Royal Swedish Navy submarine training facility in Karlskrona.

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