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mfme electronic cabinet

MFME - A multi channel magnetometer system

MFME is a magnetometer system for degaussing and signature ranges.
The equipment may be used both for ship signature measurement and land based component treatment.

MFME can be used as a standalone equipment or together with a PC computer to form a complete measuring and evaluation system.

The system contains a microprocessor which handles calibration, testing and self diagnosis.

MFME has capacity to handle multiple sensor arrays.

MFME is specifically designed to use sensors from Institut Dr Foerster
(type IFR AW-2K or similar).

If you are in the process of upgrading your range but do not want to take the large cost of exchanging your Dr Foerster sensors, MFME is the right choice. Adoption to other sensors may also be possible

MFME is a proven design. 4 systems with over 250 sensors is currently in use by the Royal Swedish Navy.



• All inputs and outputs are overvoltage and short circuit protected.
• Automatic data retrieval at power up.
• Earth field compensation.
• Optional remote analog display unit for presentation and control.
• Interfaces 1-axis and 3-axis sensors.
• Handles multiple sensor arrays.
• Remote control from PC computer.

MFME Brief Technical Data
Measuring range 0.1uT-100uT (divided into 9 ranges)
Bandwidth DC 0-10Hz
Bandwidth AC 5-200Hz
Typical noise levels 25pT / √Hz
Number of channels 16 per 19"- rack
Outputs Analog ±1V and ±5V
Remote control Serial port (opto isolated RS-232)
Power supply Compatible to mains 1-phase 100-240V, 47-63Hz
EMC Compatibility MIL-STD-461, IEC 801-2
Dimensions W x H x D = 600 x 1800 x 600mm
Weight 120kg

MagT - A towable magnetic calibration source

MagT is a towable magnetic calibration source intended for underwater magnetometer control.

The source uses permanent magnets to produce a controlled static magnetic field.

MagT has a stainless steel watertight housing and is easily towed behind a smaller vessel. MagT is slightly bouyant and will hence be towed at water surface.

It is designed to be easy to transport and contains a mechanism for zeroing the field when not in use.

A calibrated magnetometer used for measurement of the actual MagT field.

MagT Brief Technical Data
Approximate field strength  
   5m range 1500nT
   10m range 186nT
   15m range 55nT
Dimensions L x D = 1800 x 153mm
Weight 30kg

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