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positioning systempositioning systempositioning system

The figures below shows a typical setup for a signature range.
positioning systempositioning system

GPS Positioning System for Signature Ranges

Signature measurement of vessels requires accurate knowledge of the vessels position and heading during the complete measurement cycle. This is especially important during magnetic field measurement and compensation due to the strong range dependence.

Subvision AB can provide a complete solution based upon RTK GPS technology. Two GPS receivers are placed on board the vessel to be measured. Two receivers enables retrieval of both position and heading. Heading accuracy becomes very good since the distance between the two receivers can be made fairly large.

The system also uses a GPS base station, to be placed on a defined position on shore. The base station transmits corrections to the GPS receivers on board the measured vessel, over a VHF radio link, which results in excellent position accuracy.

Subvision's navigation software ARON2010 is run on a laptop on board the measured vessel to give the helmsman navigation and maneuvering support during the measurement. ARON2010 also logs all data from the GPS receivers for later analysis and replay.

During measurement the vessels position and heading are transmitted in real time to shore, over the VHF radio link, in order to give the signature range staff possibility to monitor the vessels track during measurement. ARON2010 is also run on a computer at the land station and gives the staff an excellent overview of the vessels maneuverring during measurement.

ARON2010 can be configured to show the position of the different sensors, the tracks used during measurement, navigational lines and many other objects. ARON2010 can then show navigational information, such as bearing, distance, cross distance and so on, to these objects.

The equipment to be used on board the measured vessel is easy to transport and mount on the vessel to be measured and is stored in water proof cases.

This positioning system may of course be used for a number of other tasks whenever accurate positioning is needed and can be adapted to your special needs. Do not hesitate to contact us to get further information.

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